On the Issues


I support the right of parents to seek the best education opportunities for their children. Education is a critical pillar in the sustainability of any society. Parents have a right to know what their children —at any age — are taught and how. I encourage all parents to read the articles by historian, William Lind, about the changes that have taken place in American society, teaching, from Pre-K to Colleges and Universities, Who Stole Our Culture? and What is Cultural Marxism? This orchestrated takeover of the minds of present and future generations is underscored by our present social crises. My interview on Montana Talks also addresses this issue (see Interviews with Leigh below).

Rule of Law

The proper enforcement of the laws of our country support the foundation of liberty and prosperity of all citizens.


I support the right of individuals to seek the best available healthcare services at competitive & transparent prices. As I discuss in my articles, “The Irony of Anarchy” and “Rules for Patriots v Rules for Radicals,” a government-run healthcare system is one of the first steps in controlling people. Along with welfare and education, Socialists/Marxists tout Medicaid and Climate Change (see below) as mechanisms to control society.

Natural Resources

I support the productive use of Montana’s vast natural resources for the economic benefit of Montana and its citizens.

Public Lands

I support the protection of Montana’s public lands for the use of the public at large.

Gun Rights

I support the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Climate / Environment / Population / Immigration

Each of these four elements are intricately linked to the health, safety and prosperity of America and its citizens.

Throughout our history, humans have faced the joys, ravages and vagaries of Nature & the Environment. We have consistently found ways to live in the desert or on ice flows, grow crops in a drought or on a flood plain, light the darkness — whatever our home planet throws at us. We can now live in Space and are on the verge of establishing a base for humans on Mars.

I strongly suggest reading this Forbes article and hearing Marc Morano on this issue. Our Climate changes and has changed throughout Earth’s existence and that is true of all the planets in the Universe. The weather is unpredictable for Meteorologists any further out than five days and Climate Alarmists predict our extinction in years. One such prediction had the oceans rising to catastrophic levels but one of our former Presidents has recently purchased a multi-million dollar beachfront home.

The following organizations are reliable sources of information about Population and its affect on the Environment – Balance – and Mass Immigration’s impact on America – Carrying Capacity.