Montana, The Last Best Place

Let’s Keep Montana “The Last Best Place.”

In this crucial election year, I want to ensure our tax dollars are spent to best serve Montanans as well as to prevent the ill-conceived policies that continue to destroy once prosperous states such as California from gaining ground in Montana.

If I win your vote and am elected, my strategy for keeping Montana “The Last Best Place” includes:

  • Ensuring that the best Education Opportunities are available to all children, including school choice
  • Building an Economy based on what is best for Montanans rather than what brings in the most taxes for politicians, such as legalizing marijuana
  • Securing a Justice System based on the U.S. Constitution, rather than high court judges’ political whims

Our Founders painstakingly built a form of Government for the good of all Citizens: Equality, Liberty, Justice, Freedom of speech & religion, the Right to defend life and property. Together, let’s Keep Montana “The Last Best Place”.

I welcome your comments, suggestions & ideas: Please support my campaign and visit my website,

Vote for Leigh Verrill-Rhys on November 3rd


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