Proud to Be an American

Saturday, June 6, 2020, is the 76th Anniversary of D-Day, the Allies’ Invasion of Europe to defeat the Nazis. This multi-nation effort was truly a test of courage for the soldiers, sailors and Marines who landed on Omaha Beach as well as the pilots who bombed the German army in their fortifications. Thousands of our finest were killed and wounded that day but their bravery carried them through to victory.

May we never forget those who have given their lives for the freedoms all Americans share.

Montana is rightly known as “The Last Best Place.” Keeping the Treasure State that way requires a sustained effort and one I thoroughly support. I know there are many people here who feel the same but have priorities that keep them fully engaged in families, work and personal commitments. I am standing for office to represent Montana residents to ensure that the last best place does not become “the next worst place” as has happened to California.

My father served in World War II, training young paratroopers. When he retired from the U.S. Army, Maine could not offer sufficient work to support his family. At that time, California was “the land of golden opportunities.” He uprooted our family and, for the remainder of his life, he was able to live his American Dream. Within a few decades, following successive administrations implementing ill-conceived policy decisions, the Golden State became “the land of broken promises.”

Although I am a relatively new resident of the Treasure State, I see similar devastating policies are gaining ground in Montana. Recognizing this risk, I took action by standing for all Montanans who want to keep their state the family-loving, open spaces, law-abiding and free-thinking home for its residents.

If you agree, please consider helping me win for Montana. Any help you can offer — volunteer, make a contribution, actively participate — is much appreciated.

With much gratitude to all who have and do serve our country,

Leigh Verrill-Rhys
Republican Candidate, Montana Legislature HD48

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