Whose Money Is It, Anyway?

Last week, while most of the country was asleep or watching a cable news channel or a great pre-Hollywood-madness film, the Senate and the House finally passed a bill helping American workers, hospitals, first-responders in all agencies, small businesses and our major industries (whose existence is crucial to the well-being and functionality of the USA). But when some politicians use the #CoronaVirus killing Americans and injuring families, to cram their socialist agenda into a $2Trillion aid bill, I have to ask, “Why?”

The answer is straightforward. “Because they can.” In the Senate, the CARES Bill passed with 96 votes in favor but only because senators capitulated to the demands of other politicians for $25M to support the Kennedy Center in D.C., the so-called National Public Radio (NPR) and so many other pet projects that have nothing to do with helping the American people and the U.S. economy survive this devastation caused by the WuhanVirus.

So many Americans are stepping up to help: Veterans returning to service; police officers working extra shifts; our phenomenal healthcare workers working non-stop; parents teaching their children at home; neighbors shopping for the elderly in their communities; giving their time, talent and skills to aid in the effort to save lives. These are the heroes of our nation and should be the focus of our elected representatives.

The Federal Government is entirely dependent on the good will of the American Taxpayers. That includes our representatives in each legislative branch, of both parties. There is not a cent in the U.S. Treasury that hasn’t been gleaned from the earnings of workers and businesses.

The same is true of state and city governing bodies. We vote for the representatives we believe will make best use of our taxes on the projects and needs of the communities in which we live. Yet, once they are in office, these representatives too frequently ignore the communities they represent, following the directives of lobbyists, political activists, and agenda-driven professional politicians.

Once elected, our representatives too often forget the people who voted for them. We are equally negligent when we ignore what is being done in our name. Voting itself is just one of the tools we have to influence how are taxes are spent for the best interests of ourselves and our country. Another tool is our ability to contact our representatives in their offices by phone and email. Only a few of us make use of this method. Once we have voted, we believe our job is done.

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Leigh Verrill-Rhys,
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